First, let’s talk about posture:

When we say “posture,” we aren’t talking about just sitting up straight at the dinner table.

Rather, posture is about your body’s ability to hold its intended, functional alignment and have a full range of motion at all eight lode bearing joints: shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles (see picture to right).

Our bodies are meant to be in alignment. Pain is just a symptom of misalignment and it is not related to age. Misalignment can come from so many sources but some of the most common ones are excessive sitting and physical inactivity, electronic devices, injuries, and repetitive one-sided motion (this includes many sports and exercise regimens, which can often have the unintended consequence of strengthening misaligned bodies and making the problem worse). Many of these sadly are connected to our modern lifestyle that emphasizes ease and automation and decreases regular physical activity – more about that later.

Think about it this way: from a physical perspective, your body really isn’t very much different than any other moving mechanical system, like a car. If you found that one of your car’s tires had gone bald, you’d take your car into the shop. You wouldn’t just want the bald tire replaced, because that’s just a symptom of a larger structural defect. If the mechanic simply slapped a new tire on, there would still be a misalignment that was causing excessive wear and tear on that particular tire, and you’d get the same result – that tire would go bald faster than the others. Instead, you would want the mechanic to look at the axles and the rest of the car and fix the misalignment that was causing one tire to go bald.

It should be the same way with our bodies. Our “bald tire” might be joint pain, carpal tunnel, bunions, headaches, sports injuries, or any one of a litany of symptoms that fundamentally begin with poor posture. Just slapping a new tire on the symptom may help for a while, but eventually the pain flares up again. You have to look at the system as a whole – and that’s exactly what Postural Alignment Therapy does!

One more common but misleading misconception – pain is NOT age related. Pain is a result of your body deviating from its natural, optimal alignment, and that is not related to the aging process. You are NEVER too old to get out of pain!