Three Weeks In

GUYS! Turns out eating well helps you wake up easier. I used to have to use three… four… okay like five different alarms, now I only set one alarm. I don’t get out of bed feeling super groggy. I am sure there are medical reasons for why this works… I don’t know any of them, but I asked Dr. Jamie, who told me our bodies thrive off of good nutrition. When we eat bad sugars our body has to work twice as hard to consume them. This is not great, because who wants two work twice has hard when you could just work a normal amount with better results. I am really excited that I took this challenge, I have been waking up around 7 with relative ease and I am using that time to take early morning walks! Missed today though, it was way too cold for that nonsense.

Gist of today’s post: If you eat crap, you will sleep like crap.

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