I have been seeing Dr. Bo for the past six months. When I started seeing him, I was unable to tie my shoes due to severe lower back pain. After a few adjustments and an amazing massages, I was able to get those darn shoes tied! Now I see Dr. Bo regularly for maintenance care to keep me pain free and moving well.

– Mike Harrison

My son Ben started seeing Dr. Jamie when we was three months old. I have seen such an improvement since we started coming. He sleeps better at night, which means the whole family is getting more rest. Ben has been in just a better mood and no longer has colic. He will keep getting adjusted regularly for maintenance. Dr. Jamie is the best!

– Amy Figueira

I had the best massage I’ve ever had from Laura Lee. She was really nice and made me feel comfortable and made my aches, pains and anxieties just melt away.

– Molly Gregory

I saw Dr. Bo for pain in my neck and into my shoulders. Now not only is that pain gone but I sleep better than ever before and I can’t remember the last time I had a headache. My wife saw Dr. Jamie when she was pregnant and almost immediately began experiencing low back relief. Her heartburn actually cleared up too! Now my infant son sees Dr. Jamie regularly and he is never sick and always happy and healthy! This team knows what they’re doing! I’d recommend them for the whole family!
-Cory Madison

I have to say that Dr. Holmes left us all in Good Hands with Dr. Bo and Jamie Mullen. As many of us, being under Dr. Holmes care for so many years, we didn’t know what to expect. I received my first adjustment from Dr. Bo yesterday. It was excellent!! He was very gentle and concerned for my health. Dr. Holmes made sure he was well informed of my health history and aware of the type of adjustments that had worked best for me. It is clear, both He and Dr. Jamie are passionate in the care of others and knowledgeable in their field. We will, of course, miss Dr. Holmes, and I wish him the best, but so grateful that he took the time to research the Mullen Team on all of our behalf! I look forward to having yet another great chiropractor for my care.
– Sally Jo Wyatt