Many people are not aware that pelvic health issues can be successfully addressed by anyone, let alone a physical therapist. Because pelvic floor function is vital in overall musculoskeletal balance, a pelvic floor physical therapist is able to effectively address general orthopedic issues as well.

Amanda’s style of therapy is very holistic in nature. She aims to treat the cause of your symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves, often resulting in full and long-term resolution. Treatment options include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, joint and soft tissue mobilization, and education regarding nutrition, behavioral techniques, and activity modification.

As a pelvic floor physical therapist, Amanda specializes in treating bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction, male and female pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum issues, and pelvic and abdominal post-operative rehabilitation. She also has a strong orthopedic background and is able to successfully treat everything from neck, back, and hip pain to shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries.