Do Not Go Nuts

For the past couple days, to prepare for the 45 days of wellness, I have been eating way more junk food than should legally be allowed. I have heard of the meat sweats before, but for the first time, I experienced/invented the sugar sweats. Apparently eating nearly an entire cake by yourself is not great for your digestive tract… Because of these recent discoveries, I have composed a list of everything I have eaten in the past week and I IMPLORE you not to repeat my mistake (everything that is on its own line happened in one sitting). Moderation is important, folks.


Three cans of Pringles

A cake

A medium pizza

Fried ravioli

Two liters of root beer

A baguette

A bag of mini Starbursts

… OR maybe do repeat my mistake: because of how horrible I feel now, I am actually excited to start my 45 Days of Wellness Challenge

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