Cheat Day

Let’s talk about cheat days, if you are trying to stick to a diet, and there is a time limit on it. DO NOT DO CHEAT DAYS. Stick to your six weeks, or whatever it maybe. I tried, and that day was AMAZING, but the next day I was so hungry. I followed my diet, but it didn’t matter, because deep down all I really wanted was a baguette with melted butter and a cookie. I ended up eating two dinners that night, one was Spaghetti Squash, my planned dinner, my second dinner was sausage, shrimp and chicken mixed with Quinoa. I was still hungry after, I ended up drinking a gallon of water and going to sleep because there was no way I was going to eat more than 1,300 calories after 7 p.m. it took two days to get reset on my diet so I could eat a normal meal and feel satisfied.


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