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What is it?

Spark ignites your wellness journey.  Our chiropractic clinic has partnered with a local fitness studio, Harbor Elite Athletics, to motivate those in our community to invest in themselves. We have decided the best way to is to prove to yourself that you can make it through a fitness program. Spark is designed to show you, you can be fit, you can be healthy and feel a difference in your livelihood. We gathered a group of professionals with a passion for health, who will support you throughout this journey.

Spark is understanding that self care goes beyond pedicures and bubble baths, its includes eating well, exercising and taking time from your busy schedule to love yourself more, it’s not going to easy but, it will be worth it.

Why your worth it:

You were born and given a right to be healthy and love yourself. It is so easy in our world to get wrapped up in the day to day, yet when you invest in yourself you actually gain more focus and energy to make the day to day that much better!  Not to mention it can lower your medical expenses by up to 50%, talk about an investment! You owe it to yourself to make you a priority, that means bare minimum carving out 3 hours every week to focus on you…. Trust me you can do it.  If we were to charge full price for massage, nutrition & private training the costs would be $1050.00, through Spark however, we are only charging for the man power it takes to run this program at $650.00.

Furthermore, we are offering 3 separate payment plans:

Pay in full, receive $50 off
3 month installments $216.66
6 month installments $108.33

Who We are:

Dr. Jamie 

Dr. Jamie has a passion for nutrition, she works specifically with women to help them understand their bodies needs and the importance of healthy eating. Everyone has busy lives and there are a million excuses for not exercising or eating right. This program is designed to eliminate your excuses! Don’t worry, we did add some pampering for you, including 2 massages so you still get some of that bubble bath feeling.


Klarissa is a personal trainer and sports performance coach in Gig Harbor, WA. She graduated from the University of Washington where she was a member of the Track & Field team and soon after began her career as a Fitness Professional. She has developed a system of training that relies on movement, mobility and strength to develop a life long change in your overall health. Her goal is that you don't just feel better about your body, but become aware of its needs and get it moving the way it used to (or even better)!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I saw Dr. Bo for pain in my neck and into my shoulders. Now not only is that pain gone but I sleep better than ever before, and I can't remember the last time I had a headache. My wife saw Dr. Jamie when she was pregnant and almost immediately began experiencing low back relief ... Now my infant son sees Dr. Jamie regularly and he is never sick and always happy and healthy. This team knows what they're doing! I'd recommend them for the whole family."
    - Cory Madison